Danforth/Main Medical Diagnostics first opened in 1988 serving the Danforth and Upper

Beaches community proudly in medical diagnostic imaging service. We are a local pricately

owned Independent Health Facility (IHF) licensed by the Province of Ontario.


Recognized by the Canadian Assocication of Radiologistis as an  accredited site, Danforth/Main

provides the highest degree of quality medical imaging examinations. We are also an affiliated site

for Caner Care Ontario and the Ontario Breast Screening Program. In addition, we are a

training/teaching site for the Michener Intitute of Toronto for X-ray and Ultrasound Students.


Danforth/Main is truly the only fully digital medical dianostic imaging site in the area with real

time interpretaion and distribution of information.


Providing concise and accurate information that will contribute to the overall management of the patient.

Anticipating the needs of our referring physicians and their patients by continuously updating the range of services offered.

Upgrading the diagnostic tests by using the latest and most effective technological advances.

Responding effectively, quickly and responsibly to meet the needs of our referring physicians and their patients.

Treating people with respect and dignity while maintaining compassion for their needs.

Reducing booking wait times and reporting to our referring physicians in a timely manner

Continuing medical education of physicians, staff and patients

Taking active part in numerous Clinical Studies